A bit of blooper gold from 'Sherlock'

There are times when you wade through the Internets where you wonder just even if its just for a brief moment who are all these people that have all this free time to both upload things on YouTube and to also watch the endless cat videos uploaded from that particular day. There are those times, however, that you run across a video that defies description and makes the steady stream of cat videos worthwhile. Such is the case with the recently released blooper clip from the BBC/PBS series, Sherlock. Fans of the well spoken, nicely presented, thoroughly respectable Benedict Cumberbatch may want to look away as this exclusive outtake clip from Sherlock shows he has just a bit of a potty mouth.

Although the blooper is bleeped, Cumberbatch is clearly riled up by trivia questions from his co-star Martin Freeman. When Benedict admits he has never heard of a particular actor, Freeman shoots back “I assumed you’d probably been christened by him. I thought you knew every actor over 50. I thought there was a by-law.” What then ensued was an endless flurry of laughter every time you heard the director yell “action”. No wonder it takes 12-18 months to get three new episodes each season.

The clip, which was first seen exclusively on RadioTimes.com, was released to promote Sherlock: The Complete Collection Limited Edition Gift Set. As well as featuring all three series of Sherlock on Blu-Ray and DVD, the gift set also includes these incredibly lifelike busts of Holmes and Watson.
Sherlock statues

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