Groundskeeper Willie speaks out on Scottish independence vote

When a program or series across the pond gets the parody treatment, it usually means you’ve arrived. With countless spoofs and parodies behind them, the leader in the clubhouse for the past several years has been Downton Abbey. From Jimmy Fallon to Saturday Night Live to Funny or Die, the British period drama has been the target of some top-notch brilliance in recent years. Prior to last weeks referendum vote on Scottish independence, there were countless celebrities putting in their two cents for both sides trying to swing the vote for either ‘Yes Scotland’ or ‘Better Together’.

One celebrity, however, stood out from the rest in throwing his support for Scottish independence. None other than Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons took to the airwaves to not only voice his strong support for independence but to also declare his intention to lead the ‘New Scotland’ onto the world stage. With his slogan of ‘Aye or Die, how can you argue? Here, Groundskeeper Willie lets everyone know his thoughts on the vote.

Now that the vote has come and gone with approximately 54% of Scotland voting to remain part of the United Kingdom and 46% believing a independent Scotland was the way to go, Groundskeeper Willie seems to have taken the final vote kind of hard with all indications being that he has been drowning his sorrows since last Friday morning.
Groundskeeper Willie

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