Time to access your inner Carson…Her Majesty The Queen is hiring!

Her Majesty The Queen wants to bring on-board a new Back-of-House manager at Windsor Castle. The position was advertised on the Royal Household website and candidates who have experience in operational management and hospitality are wanted. The successful job seeker also needs to be a good problem solver and be able to ensure that everything below stairs runs smoothly and efficiently. As part of a 1,200 member staff, the 40-hour a week vacancy is open to anyone with the right qualifications. The Back-of-House Manager and their team provide operational support principally delivered through event planning and set-up, cleaning and porter services.

Like Mr. Carson, the successful applicant will be in charge of a team of staff and ensure that standards are maintained. They will work closely with the Monarchy’s answer to housekeeper Mrs Hughes and will be paid a salary of up to £30,000. The successful candidate will also have the option to live on site in staff accommodation and have lunch provided. Better hurry, applications close October 12. Hopefully, you won’t have Thomas to deal with, won’t have to listen to Mr. Molesley whine on an hourly basis and definitely won’t have to forever hide any song-and-dance past as one of ‘The Cheerful Charlies’.

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