Illusionist Derren Brown enters Sherlock stars' mind palace

Derren Brown, Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington Stand Up 2 Cancer

I’m afraid that one segment in tonight’s Stand Up to Cancer 2014 fundraising marathon to be broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK won’t go very far in satisfying those that are impatiently awaiting the next installment of Sherlock that is headed our way during Christmas 2015, but it is a bit of fun. Mentalist/Illusionist Derren Brown, who should be quite familiar to Sherlock devotees, plays havoc with Martin Freeman’s mind palace as his Sherlock co-star and off-screen partner, Amanda Abbington, looks on, obviously enjoying watching a totally perplexed Freeman. “Martin has quite a skeptical, very rational approach to those sorts of things,” Brown told the Radio Times. “Immediately afterwards he was trying to work it out, really trying to pull it all apart. I could hear him discussing it in their little entourage. Amanda has a less cool minded approach, she was just enjoying it. It’s great because they’re very funny together, talking it through.

Brown, you might remember, appeared in episode one of series three, “The Empty Hearse”, as a fake-out explanation for how Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock survived his apparent death at the end of the series two episode, “The Reichenbach Fall”. After Sherlock executed a beautiful swan dive off the roof of St Bart’s Hospital (that the Russian Olympic judge would have certainly given him a 10.0), Brown rushed up to hypnotize John Watson.

Stand Up 2 Cancer airs tonight on Channel 4 in the UK with Sherlock, unfortunately, still not returning to the small screen for another 14 months!

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