First Lady Sybil, then Matthew. Could Isis be next?

***Downton Abbey series 5 SPOILER ALERT***
Downton Abbey's favorite - Isis

The rumor mill is in overdrive this week in the UK as we are down to the last few episodes in the 5th series of Downton Abbey. With only 3 episodes left (2 plus the Christmas special), what could Downton Abbey creator/writer, Julian Fellowes, possibly be thinking? As if the death of Lady Sybil wasn’t almost too much to take during series 2, he provided the ultimate kick to the stomach on Christmas Day in the series 3 finale by ending Matthew Crawley’s time at Downton. For those that are not quite up to speed on the series as it has played out so far, I’m sorry to report that Lord Grantham’s pride and joy, Isis, was looking a little peaked and a bit listless this past week.

That leaves the great unanswered question…will Isis make it to Christmas? Certainly, even Sir Julian wouldn’t ruin the holidays by having the Grim Reaper visit the only stable member of the Crawley family on Christmas Day, would he? Viewers are still not over that fateful day in 2012 when the heir to Downton Abbey, Matthew Crawley, met his untimely death in a tragic car accident.

While we may not want to hear this, it may be the only explainable event to be associated with the series. When you think about it, Robert’s faithful companion, Isis, has been around since the beginning of series 1 in 1912. Most likely, she would have been around two of years of age at that point. With series 5 taking place approximately 12 years later in 1924, Isis would then be in the general vicinity of 13 or 14 years of age by the end of series 5.

So, while this is plausible, let’s hold out a few positive thoughts for Isis, Planet Earth’s favorite labrador.

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