U.S. 'IT Crowd' won't be gathering Moss 2nd time around

While IT Crowd series creator/writer, Graham Linehan, has made his best attempt to calm any well-deserved fears by assuring adoring fans through Twitter that “we will get it right this time” and that it will retain the essence of the original show, Richard Ayoade, who played Moss in the original Channel 4 UK version, will not reprise his role as he did in NBC’s original attempt.
IT Crowd will get it right this time according to creator, Graham Linehan

The failed 2007 remake, which never made it out the pilot stage, starred Joel McHale as a stateside Roy with Jessica St Clair taking on the role of Jen alongside Richard Ayoade’s Moss. Linehan was not involved in the original adaptation, but has confirmed he is working with NBC this time around which gives one hope that this may have a chance. Scrubs and Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence is also part of the project, with Community‘s Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan working on the script.

Ayoade, who has gone on to have a successful career as an actor and director, talked about his past experiences with the first U.S. remake and his reasoning for not being involved in the forthcoming effort on The Graham Norton Show. “I was the only one of the original British cast dumb enough to do it,” he said. “It was deeply weird. It was a bit like a play where everyone else had left. It was very odd. I understand they are trying again, and now I’m out, there’s a chance it will succeed. It was a strange experience.

Unfortunately, with the U.S. pilot beginning to take shape, Linehan took to Twitter once more to say that there were no plans (immediate or long range) to revisit the employees of Reynholm Industries, who were last seen being promoted to managerial positions in the 2013 special ‘The Internet Is Coming’ (Insert sad face here) but that there were ‘exciting things ahead’. Stay tuned…
No UK IT Crowd on the horizon

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