Idris Elba wants more 'Luther' on both sides of the pond

While one of the darkest, grittiest series on telly decides just how it will return in the future, is reporting that Idris Elba, who starred as DCI John Luther in the original British version, has signed on as an Executive Producer for a possible American re-make on Fox.
Idris Elba as DCI John Luther

More importantly, regarding the future of the hit BBC One series, Elba told Radio Times that he is quite keen on more Luther at some point in the not-too-distant future although nothing is quite ready for filming to begin just yet. For Luther to return, however, Elba does not want a full fourth series of the crime drama but would be more inclined to pursue a single episode comeback. “I am desperately trying to make that happen,” Elba said. There’s a story idea but no script yet. But we’re gunning to do it at the end of this year. There’s a lot of pressure from everyone to make it, so we’re gonna do it. I put my heart and soul into it,” revealed Elba. “I love John Luther. I played John at a very dark time in my life. And I so love John because I get to exorcise; it’s so cathartic, it’s therapy.” A perfect example of Elba’s heart and soul efforts…

Of less importance in my book, regarding the American remake, which is to be co-executive produced by Luther creator, Neil Cross, and Elba, the original British series has received a pilot commitment from Fox which ultimately means it may or may not ever come to a television set near you in yours or anyone else’s lifetime. All one has to do is point to the likes of Gracepoint, the Fox re-make of Broadchurch to see how other attempts to ‘Americanize’ brilliant British drama haven’t quite gone the way network executives would like. Hopefully, with Luther, Elba won’t try to perfect an American accent and cast himself in the lead role. To be fair, CBS’ Elementary is pretty good, although it will never be Sherlock. With Elba’s help and the involvement of Cross, let’s hold out hope but, unfortunately, the track record isn’t on their side.

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