The ‘Downton Abbey’ Holiday Gift Guide: post-electricity, of course!

The holidays must have been so easy in the early twenties. No Tickle-Me-Elmo’s, no Transformers, no impossible to find Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies or Furbies and no iPods, iPads, iWatch or iWhatever’s to endlessly have to stand in line for or get up before the crack of dawn for that ‘hurry, only one available’ Black Friday special. Imagine for just a brief moment if you had to buy that special something for anyone residing above or below the stairs at Downton Abbey. Even though upstairs has it’s privileges, they are in rather a shaky financial state so, mostly, they just sit around and either have or attend parties. Now that Downton Abbey has made it into the ‘Twenties’, holiday gift giving has entered a whole new arena.

Trimming the tree at Downton-Abbey

While most of the downstairs inhabitants are much more frugal and always seem to live within their means, they do tend to have more fun than those they serve upstairs. Upstairs or downstairs, the gift-giving options are almost endless. Ok, maybe the options aren’t exactly endless but they are a lot more varied…especially, if you are getting electricity in the manor for the first time. I’m guessing that Mr. Carson will have some serious eye-rolling moments after Christmas this year but he will adapt much easier than the Dowager Countess who is still reeling from the gift of electricity.

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