(Mr) ‘Selfridge’ to re-open January 25 on ITV; March 29 on PBS!

Selfridges, the brainchild of British retail magnate, Harry Gordon Selfridge is set to re-open its doors Sunday, 25 January on ITV. In America, almost 106 years to the day that the original location on London’s Oxford Street first opened for business in 1909, Mr. Selfridge will return on Sunday, March 29 at 9:00p ET/8:00p CT, immediately following the fourth season premiere of Call the Midwife.


Ok, yes, we are actually talking about the third series return of Mr. Selfridge not the actual department store. Jeremy Piven returns as the brash American who dared to make shopping fun and not a chore. Imagine actually being able to touch the merchandise before deciding to buy it!

***Series 3 spoiler alert – do not read if you haven’t seen end of series 2!***

When we last left Harry, London was in the midst of the First World War. For series 3, the series will jump forward five years to 1919, and it doesn’t look good for poor Harry. Without divulging too much, series’ executive producer Kate Lewis said the story will resume at “the point at which his life really begins to unravel”. What we do know is that it’s just after the First World War and we see Harry left heartbroken by the death of Rose, played by Frances O’Connor, during the Spanish flu epidemic. Before you begin writing that scathing email to the show’s producers, know that, based on the true story of the founder of the London department store, the real Rose Selfridge passed away in 1918. With the third series taking place in 1919, it makes sense and is historically accurate.

Hollyoaks star, Hannah Tointon plays Harry’s headstrong and rebellious daughter Violette while real-life sister Kara (Eastenders) plays Harry’s eldest daughter, Rosalie, the more calm, sensible and more sensitive one. Zoe Wanamaker also joins the cast as Russian princess Marie De Bolotoff, Rosalie’s new mother-in-law, alongside Hustle and Bluestone 42 star Kelly Adams as Harry’s new love interest.

Producer Lewis added, “We have some surprises in store for an audience in this third series. You only have to walk down Oxford St today to know that Selfridges Department Store continued to be successful, but for its founder, Harry Selfridge, things were very different. His story was a roller coaster ride that ended rather tragically.” As far as is goes for the rest of the cast you’ll have to tune in to ITV on Sunday, 25 January or Sunday, March 29 on PBS in America to find out. The genre is drama, after all, so don’t be surprised at anything that transpires in series 3.

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