The Game is On – It’s time to be ‘SHERLOCKED’!

Ok, Sherlock-Nation, the game is ‘officially’ on! It has been far too long since that fateful day in January 2014 and the last broadcast of series 3 of Sherlock. Admittedly, there has been very little that has eased the separation anxiety that has dominated Sherlock fans’ mind palaces. A number of public television stations in the States have been re-airing the 1980’s Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett – brilliant, but not the same. We’ve seen early pics and a clip of Sir Ian McKellen as an aging, retired Sherlock Holmes in Mr. Holmes – again, brilliant, but not the same. Sherlock S4 has begun filming, which is brilliant news, but you have to stay away from the Internets to avoid any fan pics or video that might be spoiler-laden. But, now…


Now comes the perfect separation anxiety anecdote that should take the edge off the fact that we are still 10 months or so away from the next new installment of Sherlock, which is tentatively scheduled for December 2015 on BBC1 and PBS. Just announced by Massive Entertainment in association with Hartswood Films (producers of Sherlock) and Showmasters, Ltd. is SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention, a 3-day event that will bring Sherlock to life with an array of Sherlock-themed activities, star guests from cast & crew, talks, photoshoots, autograph opportunities and more! Sher-Con (by no means the real name but somehow it fit with all other shortened ‘con’ names and definitely faster to type) will take place in Europe and the U.S. in 2015.

To be notified as soon as possible about information concerning tickets, location, dates, etc., organizers of the event are asking you sign up for Sherlocked alerts. Just like The Great One, Wayne Gretsky, said that you can’t score if you don’t shoot, you won’t know about the Sherlocked if you don’t sign up for the alerts. And, before you know it, it will be December 2015.


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  • MorganHamilton

    I got my ticket for the event on Monday as soon as they went on sale. Massive Events/Showmasters throw absolutely great conventions so this is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to see which show set we get to see and to talk with Arwel Jones again. The biggest hitch is it’s the same weekend as the London marathon which has been making getting a hotel room interesting.