‘Downton Funk’ proves nothing’s funkier than Post-Edwardian British class struggles

My educated guess is that every year for the past 5 years when Downton Abbey comes to a close, you probably wake up the next day with the stark realization that, at best, there are between 6-10 months before we find out what the next bad thing is that will to happen to Bates and Anna. You are in what can best be described as a Downton Funk.

Downton Funk from College Humor

Well, given the fact that we are a little over 24 hours removed from the finale of Downton Abbey series 5, it seems like the appropriate amount of time has passed to where we can reflect back on and also make light of ‘Downton Funk’ and try not to dwell on the fact that, depending on what side of the pond you hang your hat, it will be a bit before Downton Abbey returns to a telly near you. From the brilliant mind palaces of the folks over at CollegeHumor.com, we take a brief moment to reflect back on how (and why) we have collectively spent our Sundays nights both over the last couple of months in America and last Fall in the UK with their most recent Downton Abbey spoof. THIS is what the Internet was made for. If you watch one video on the web before Downton Abbey returns next season, make it this one…

As they say, and we think you’ll agree — “Ain’t nothing funkier than Post-Edwardian British class struggles“…

You’ll probably recognize Downton Funk as the Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson hit song, Uptown Funk, remixed and redone — Downton Abbey-style. Mars released Uptown Funk back in November where it made its way to the top of the UK Singles Chart. Just last week, the song was named British Single of the Year at the Brit Awards.


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