Behind-the-scenes on the set of ‘Poldark’ – the steamy Aidan Turner version

While UK viewers are in the middle of the steamy re-boot of Poldark, American viewers don’t quite yet know the treat that is ahead of them as the series is set to premiere on Sunday, June 21 as part of PBS’ Masterpiece series. As most readers know by now, I’m a sucker when it comes to behind-the-scenes fun and games, especially when it relates to a series that I’m so looking forward to seeing.

Aidan Turner as Captain Ross Poldark

In episode 2, Ross (Aidan Turner) has returned to Cornwall from the battlefield only to find his father dead. He is determined to re-open the family mine with Frances while Demelza struggles to fit in at Nampara. In this scene, the cast had assembled to film a formal ballroom scene upon Ross’ return but instead of traditional 18th century music, the cast was immediately transported into the 20th century with a bit of Mas Que Nada blasting out, inspiring not only an impromptu dance Kodak moment during which Turner took the lead with ease but probably a few needed laughs after long days of filming.

If you watched the episode this past Sunday on BBC One, you probably didn’t see that version. Here’s a  look at how the scene actually played out. A scene that, no matter what century the music was from, caused quite a stir amongst the guests. Of course, George had to fan the flames of jealousy in order to drive a wedge between the cousins. No matter what music was played, it’s no surprise that Turner would be able to handle it with ease. He was involved in both ballroom and Latin American dancing for about 10 years and represented Ireland in competitions.

Poldark continues Sundays at 2100 on BBC One and will premiere on PBS in America beginning Sunday, June 21 at 9:00p ET / 8:00p CT.

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