Buck up, little camper. Tax Day is much worse at ‘Black Books’!

Ever have ‘one of those days’? I’m guessing the answer might just be yes when you factor in ‘one of those days’ probably had an April 15 date attached to it in years past. You know, Tax Day. The day that, before the brilliant invention of e-filing, you sat in what seemed to be an endless line of cars at the main post office that stayed open until 12mid so you could get the elusive post mark signifying you got the return in on time. Now you remember…

For Bernard Black, ‘keeping the books’ is more upsetting than ‘selling a book’….

Well, even though Black Books’ Bernard Black seems to have ‘one of those days’ every day a customer has the audacity to come in and actually attempt to buy a book, Tax Day presents a much greater challenge to his daily life of customer dissatisfaction.

Tax Day at Black Books

Unfortunately, getting beyond the simple fact that he only knows his Mum’s name to be “Ma”, the very idea that he needs to know her maiden name is proving to be a difficult challenge. Add to it the need to know if his ‘non-returnable outgoings for the first half of the year exceed your deductions for quarterly VAT return’ and this might just be the red flag that Bernard needed to signal to himself that doing his own accounts may prove to be a bit more than he needed to take on himself.

Of course, if this is your accountant, you might be better off if you reconsider and call your Mum and get her maiden name.


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