‘Hoff the Record’ gets a S2 commission before S1 premieres

Traditionally, those involved in a comedy or drama series are in a constant state of agony as to whether or not there will be a ‘next season’ in their future. Whether you’re in front of or behind the camera or are a fan of the series, it’s usually an excruciatingly long wait until either the call comes for another series or word that the commissioner’s ax is set to fall, abruptly ending the production.

In the case of Hoff the Record, the new fly on the wall comedy series from Dave starring Germany’s favorite pop star, David Hasselhoff  (Knight Rider, Baywatch, Baywatch Nights, Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding), fans of the series will be armed with the knowledge that series 2 has been commissioned before a single episode has ever seen the light of day.


From the Department of I Can’t Make This Stuff Up….

Hoff The Record is about the life of ‘The Hoff’, a fictionalised version of David Hasselhoff. Some 30 years after rising to fame with the global hits Knight Rider and Baywatch and after five divorces and some misguided career decisions, the semi-improvisational comedy series follows The Hoff as he moves to the UK where he tries to get his career back on track starting with an audition for an independent film and make sense of his increasingly surreal life.

While the series has yet to premiere (it’s scheduled to premiere this June on Dave), given Hasselhoff’s busy schedule, the UK’s home for witty banter channel set out to as soon as filming for the first series had completed. The series star seemed to be genuinely excited about the prospects of a second series.When I made Baywatch I dreamed of one day having my own show on a channel named after me. Hoff The Record is coming soon to the UK, only on Dave. They did name the channel after me, right…?“, said ‘The Hoff’.

For more of Hasselhoff’s interview with Dave, click here. Having had the ‘opportunity’ to screen a couple of episodes this past February at the BBC Showcase in Liverpool, as crazy as it sounds, it’s worth checking out. Series 1 of Hoff The Record will be shown on Dave from June with an American broadcast, hopefully, not too far behind.


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