From ‘Sherlock’ to ‘Spectre’ with Andrew Scott

It’s quite an understatement to say it’s been a bit since it was announced that the owner of the most brilliant Moriarty portrayal known to man, Andrew Scott, had signed on for an undisclosed role in the upcoming James Bond feature, Spectre. It was back in December 2014 that Scott was first linked to the 24th Bond film for a role that has, until now, been kept under wraps. While we’re still pretty much in the dark as to the exact depth of just how Scott’s character will play out in the film, you can see with the release of the first trailer that he does have that eerie Moriarty glow about him, doesn’t he?


When you see the trailer, who knew that in the final episode of series three of Sherlock “His Last Vow” that Moriarty’s final comment in the video being broadcast all over London with a close-up of his face asking “Did you miss me?” could so relate to his appearance in the trailer. It’s a fleeting glimpse but it’s still very reminiscent of a Moriarty look and just as chilling.

Aside from Daniel Craig, who is turning out to be one of my favorite James Bond’s (ok, he’s still a bit behind Sean Connery, FYI) there are a number of folks you will, no doubt, be familiar with. Ben Whishaw (The Hour) returns as Q, Ralph Fiennes (Schindler’s List, Harry Potter) who took over as M in place of Dame Judi Dench at the end of the last Bond film, Skyfall, and the brilliant Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained) as Franz Oberhauser, the most likely candidate for the film’s main antagonist and one of the senior leaders of SPECTRE ((Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion).

Don’t blink for the next couple of minutes as you may just ‘miss’ Andrew Scott. Let’s hope they will utilize his brilliant talents as a villain more than for that split second….

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