Sigourney Weaver takes on an ‘alien’ role in Portwenn for new series of ‘Doc Martin’

Ellen Ripley, the heroic warrant officer who spent more time than the law allows aboard the doomed Nostromo spacecraft and the ship’s shuttle battling an extraterrestrial endoparasitoid species with multiple life cycles, better known as the Xenomorph X121, in Alien and Aliens, is headed to much calmer waters this time around for the new series of Doc Martin. Ok, actually, it’s Sigourney Weaver who has been spotted in ‘Portwenn’ where she has been filming an undisclosed guest role as part of the forthcoming series 7 which is not to far away, by the way, from actual transmission in both the UK and America. At this point, speculation is that it will transmit this Autumn on ITV and early 2016 on public television stations in America.

A video which was shot by an amateur photographer who is, without question, a big fan of the series who found herself in Port Isaac during filming, and posted on YouTube by the Cornwall Holiday Guide, shows Weaver sporting a very fashionable but extremely functional floppy fisherman’s hat and a camera and backpack looking very much like an American tourist exploring the English countryside. At this point, ITV has not disclosed the details of Weaver’s character but she does appear to be filming a scene outside the local pharmacy with Martin Clunes, who stars as Dr. Martin Ellingham, the curmudgeonly vascular surgeon turned Portwenn GP who has a general disdain for anyone that crosses his path in life.

Doc Martin 7 will air this Autumn on ITV and in early 2016 on public television in the U.S.

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