‘Crimson Field’ latest one and done series from BBC

These days, series such as Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, Call the Midwife and, most recently, Poldark, seem to be grabbing all the headlines. Rightfully so, but there is, however, a little known series that has quietly captured audiences on both sides of the pond bringing them back week after week, each time wearing their hearts more and more on their sleeves.

That said, better you hear the news from me than read it standing on line at the supermarket checkout reading the tabloids. Be strong. Crimson Field aired its final episode last night on PBS.


Crimson Field comes to a close on PBS and BBC

They took no prisoners. The brilliant World War I drama pretty much threw everything but the kitchen sink at viewers as the series came to a close which will, sadly, leave viewers hanging who appreciate good quality drama and have been with the series since the beginning. There were tears, there was joy, love and, even death. For those following along from the beginning, Sister Joan (Suranne Jones) is accused of aiding the enemy, a charge that could see her shot; Col. Brett’s (Downton Abbey‘s Kevin Doyle) running of the camp is questioned; Kitty’s unsure who to trust; Flora reunites two brothers; and Rosalie ponders her discovery of Kitty’s divorce. That’s just one episode.

Sadly, as has been the case more often than not, Crimson Field is a one and done drama series from the BBC. Having averaged a respectable 7 million viewers for each episode, Crimson Field was not commissioned for a second series by the BBC. Reminiscent of the fate of other quality BBC dramas such as The Hour, Paradise and Upstairs Downstairs, Crimson Field has abruptly ended with writer/creator Sarah Phelps wondering what more could she have possible done for the series to have lived another day. Supposedly, it was Phelps’ plan to make three more series for each year of the conflict, ending in 2018, a century after the end of the Armistice.

Unfortunately, as with a number of critically acclaimed series that end before their ‘sell-by date’, no explanation was given for the cancellation. While series like Ripper Street have been brought back from the dead following fairly extensive viewer feedback, it’s not commonplace. It didn’t work for Alan Davies brilliantly funny series, Whites, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There is always hope. If you feel that Crimson Field deserves another series, sign the petition to bring back Crimson Field. Sign it, share it with friends. It couldn’t hurt…


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