#LastDaysofDownton begins as filming comes to a close

As the sun begins to set on the final series of our beloved Downton Abbey, cast and crew have begun to bid a final fond farewell to all the locations and the characters that have meant so much to them over the past six years, not to mention the personal farewell’s to their fellow actors.


With the final episode set to air on Christmas Day in the UK and on March 7, 2016 as part of PBS’ Masterpiece series, filming is in its final days with only a few locations yet to go in and around Bampton, the Oxfordshire village which has doubled for Downton village since the series premiere back in 2011. Having ‘invaded’ Bampton for the past 6 years, the cast and crew threw a party there this past weekend to thank the villagers for their efforts and support during filming. One can only imagine having something the likes of Downton Abbey take over your village for half a year at a stretch.

While cast and crew have been extra careful on social media so as to not violate the unwritten Julian Fellowes code of conduct when it comes to leaking out anything the resembles a storyline for the sixth and final series, Elizabeth McGovern was able to tweet a photo out showing Downton happily in her rearview mirror as filming came to a close at the Highclere Castle location.

Elizabeth McGovern  a.k.a. Lady Cora has Highclere Castle in her rear view mirror

The best, however, had to come from Kevin Doyle, a.k.a. Mr. Molesley, fresh off a brilliant effort in Crimson Field, as he posted the following pic with the caption that read, “Last day of filming at Highclere-perhaps raiding the wine cellar wasn’t the wisest choice.” Well done, Mr. Doyle.

Screenshot 7:28:15, 11:00 PM

Unfortunately, in an odd parallel universe, this is how I imagine most of the Downton Abbey-Nation will also feel following the last ever episode….

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