‘Sherlock’. New video. Must watch. Now.

OMG! SHERLOCK! #221back

There are those special moments in time when headlines write themselves. There are also times when headlines need be only one word. When those two worlds collide, it’s ‘headline gold’! Add in the notion of being able to also share a first glimpse of the forthcoming Sherlock special and you have the ultimate definition of ‘headline gold’. All one really needs to write is Sherlock and the Internets will set their hair on fire, especially when it contains a new video trailer!

Sherlock in Victorian London

The Sherlock-Nation is so ready for this! As we all are so keenly aware, The Sherlock Special, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, will be set in Victorian London which, in itself, is just more pure brilliance from the mind palaces of co-creators/writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Even at only 90 seconds, this newly released trailer is genius. There is nothing not to love about this trailer.

I love it! Even in the 19th century, Sherlock still doesn’t like wearing that hat! Now, the only thing we are all (im)patiently waiting for is to be able to erase the “insert date TBD here” line and add the actual transmission date. All I can say is that if ‘good things come to those that wait’, then this is going to be one heck of a special as the Sherlock-Nation has been waiting for this since January 2014 when we all watched Sherlock’s plane turn around after hearing Moriarty utter the words, “Miss Me?”  Are you ready for some Sherlock?


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