Like Nigel Tufnel, ‘Red Dwarf’ ready to turn it up to XI!

To those that have yet to be able to handle the notion that it will be right at two years between new Sherlock episodes, try being a long-time Red Dwarf fan in recent years! As so very eloquently pointed out by the official RD website,, it has, officially, been  three years, three months and ten days between the 19th June 2012, the date when post-production of Red Dwarf X was completed and when the pre-production of Red Dwarf XI began on 28 September 2015.

Red Dwarf

The countdown calendar has begun to the return of Red Dwarf to the small screen with the boys getting the band back together for their first read-through. Good thing they got together as it seems as though they had a bit of trouble remembering who was who after three years…

RD XI & XII begin pre-production…

Red Dwarf XI read through get together

Current plans call for the six new episodes that will make up Red Dwarf XI to be filmed between 13 November and 18 December followed by a well-deserved holiday break and then returning on 29 January 2016 through 6 March 2016 with six more episodes that will comprise Red Dwarf XIIRDXI will premiere in late 2016 with RDXII targeted for a 2017 transmission on Dave , the UK’s home for witty banter and the home of Red Dwarf since the RDX broadcast in 2013.

Let’s hope an American broadcast on public television is not too far behind!

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