Relive Downton Abbey’s 50 Most Memorable Moments

For the past 5+ years, Downton Abbey has not only held the title of being Britain’s most popular period drama and but it has definitely been the brightest and shiniest telly thing on both sides of the Atlantic for quite some time. As one of the few remaining Downton Abbey bandwagon jumpers, you have no doubt realized that you no longer have the required 47.5 hours needed to binge watch the first 5 series.


Enter YouTuber Jacob Feldman who has put together a quick 5-minute look back at the ITV trailers for series 1-5. While Downton Abbey P1’s will recognize a few obvious gaps in the storyline that have been left out due to time, this should give remaining newbies that have spent countless hours wrapped up in the endless black hole of one and done series on, as we say, ‘another network’ for the past 5 years with a good sense as to what has been happening both above and below stairs before you settle in for the beginning of the end of Downton Abbey when the sixth and final series premieres January 3, 2016 on PBS.

If that doesn’t do it for you, maybe all you need is just a bit of scandal and romance, courtesy of PBS’ Masterpiece, to push you over the edge with a look at Downton Abbey‘s 50 Most Memorable Moments.

No doubt there will be at least 50 more memorable moments in series 6 alone. My guess is that Sir Julian Fellowes will be pulling out all the stops for a killer final series. Setting. DVR. Now.

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