Pre-series 5, ‘Call the Midwife’ confirmed for series 6

In an era where America is days away from being confronted with the stark reality that this truly is the final series of Downton Abbey, both Doc Martin and Sherlock roll around about every 2+ years and there are rumors that this could very well be the final series of Mr. Selfridge, the one constant in the world of quality telly drama is that the ladies of Nonnatus House in London’s East End will return in 2017 for a sixth series.


The commitment by the BBC to Call the Midwife is relatively unheard of given the fact that series 5 has yet to premiere on either BBC1 or PBS. Following the Christmas Day series 5 premiere on both public media outlets, if history dictates, the full series 5 will begin in early-mid January on the BBC with an PBS broadcast beginning April 2016.

Series 6 will see the residents of Poplar heading into 1962 with creator/writer Heidi Thomas continuing to lead the writing team with stars Helen George, Charlotte Ritchie, Emerald Fennell, Jenny Agutter and Pam Ferris returning.

Before we ‘close the book’ oeries five of the BBC1 drama, which deals with the heart-rending story of thalidomide. Set in 1961, series 5 deals with the shock caused by the births of babies with deformities, which are eventually linked by midwives and doctors to the drug, which was mainly prescribed for morning sickness. It was withdrawn by the end of the year.

Call the Midwife will be back for a Christmas Day episode on both BBC1 and PBS with the full series 5 set to premiere in early 2016.

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