It’s a ‘Downton Abbey’ parody overload for your viewing pleasure

Over the past six years, Downton Abbey has become THE go-to show on telly. However, before the last under butler turns out the lights and leaves Downton for good, rather than contribute to the endless spoiler traffic surrounding the remaining 7 episodes on PBS that have been swirling the Internets since the series finale on Christmas Day on ITV in the UK, we thought our collective time together would be better spent revisiting some of the best Downton Abbey parodies from some of the brightest mind palaces around.


1. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s “Downton Sixbey” – from the NBC Studios of 6B, Jimmy Fallon goes behind-the-scenes of his late night talk show to discover some shocking news concerning the new heir to Downton.

2. With the help of Harry Gordon Selfridge, George Clooney and Joanna Lumley, Text Santa helps answer the question, “What if Robert Crawley had never been born?

3. What if Downton Abbey were to air on Spike TV and not PBS?

4. Publicly admitting that he had a secret crush on Lady Sybil, so much so that he was devastated when she died, and was ‘moved to tears’ when Matthew died, Downton Abbey’s #1 fanSean Combs, proves it was he and not Gary Carr who broke the Downton Abbey color barrier with his portrayal of Lord Wolcott. 

5. The Fresh Prince’s life may have been flipped and turned upside down but who would have ever guessed he’d end up as Lord Grantham’s heir to Downton Abbey.

These are just a few of the parodies created with Downton Abbey in mind. Over the course of the last couple of series, we’ve seen those of you. Until the next one, enjoy the next episode of series 6 and remember, there are only 7 episodes left!

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