‘Super Bowl 50’ or ‘Downton Abbey’ – What will you be watching?

As the U.S. prepares for the ultimate tailgate event of the season, what we call the Super Bowl, there is so much going on from a telly standpoint that one will definitely understand should you switch away during the Puppy Bowl and pop on over to PBS for the next installment of Downton Abbey in the States. All the cool aristocrats will be there…

At long last, the ultimate match up has arrived. No, we’re not talking Super Bowl 50 which pits the Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos. No, not Cam Newton versus Peyton Manning either. Not even Wrestlemania 32 at the DeathStar in April 2016. The real head-to-head matchup today is, once again born out of the NFL actually daring to schedule the Super Bowl up against Downton Abbey. Has no one mentioned to them this is the final series?


While the British period drama has finished second amongst all of the non-NFL television offerings opposite the Super Bowl each of the past four years, each year pushes Downton closer to the Great Game in total audience. Last year, for example, Downton pushed dangerously close, coming within 100 million viewers of the New England Patriots/Seattle Seahawks matchup.

You’d think that, after this obvious four year trend line showing the gap closing, the NFL would have learned their lesson and move the game off Sunday but all signs are pointing otherwise. After last week’s dinner festivities at Downton, things could get ugly this year for the ‘big game’.

NFL brass may disagree given that fact that it looks as if even the inhabitants of Downton Abbey both above and below the stairs seem taken with American football. Even the Dowager Countess seems comfortable with electricity coming to Downton now. Who knew she was a Giants fan. What will you be watching?

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