PBS’ Drama Sundays return with new eps of ‘Mr Selfridge’ and ‘Grantchester’

Having come to the realization that nothing will ever replace Downton Abbey in our collective telly lives, PBS has lined up the next best thing that will, hopefully, go a long way to ease your pain and reduce the separation anxiety that has occupied our mind palaces for the past few weeks. Beginning this Sunday, you can immerse yourselves into the world of Grantchester and Mr. Selfridge when both series return to Sunday nights with new episodes. Granchester returns for a second series beginning at 9pET/8pCT while Mr. Selfridge re-opens its doors for the fourth and final series at 10pET/9pCT.


Over the next couple of days, we’ll get you caught up on both series to where you can put on a proper cup of tea and settle in for the return of Drama Sundays on PBS this coming Sunday. First up it’s the 4th and final series of Mr. Selfridge. Then, tomorrow, we’ll bring everyone up to speed on Grantchester and you’ll be ready to go on Sunday!

Mr. Selfridge – Series 3 recap

You may recall that when we last left Harry Gordon Selfridge, let’s just say the he and Lord Loxley won’t be getting together for lunch anytime soon. Remember, it was Lord Loxley who purchased the stock that Harry sold causing him to lose sole control of the store. Faced with some over-the-top scrutiny from the likes of Lord Loxley and other shareholders, Harry does his best imitation of Baldrick and comes up with a cunning plan of his own that we would call a ‘massive sale’ designed to increase profits to shareholders. As bad publicity ensued, Harry did survive the vote of no-confidence that was engineered by Loxley during an emergency board meeting but, come to find out, Lord Loxley has now sold his shares to a mysterious backer intent on owning the store. Now, you’re all caught up, right?

For series 4, it’s 1928, nine years after season three. We find Harry at the pinnacle of his power and public celebrity, a retail giant at the heart of the roaring twenties. A man-about-town in London and often gambling glamorously abroad, rumors of Harry’s latest fling light up the social circuit at Victor Colleano’s new nightspot, which is bigger and more decadent than ever.

mr selfridge 2016

Remember, this is the roaring 20s, a time of rapid change and progress. It’s a time where nothing and nobody wants to stand still and contemplate. Fashions and musical tastes are evolving. It is a new and modern world with the crackle of radio and exciting new technologies. The mood of London is distinctly ‘modern’. This is the age made for the likes of Harry Gordon Selfridge to live large.

***Mr. Selfridge series 4 spoilers ahead. Enter at your own risk***

Also ahead in series 4, Harry unexpectedly receives a very special visitor. At Colleano’s, Harry and Mae are among the privileged crowd that gathers to watch the spectacle: an exhibition-boxing match between an American and a British champion. Harry meets the man Victor arranged it all with, Jimmy Dillon. A sharp and confident entrepreneur, Jimmy takes a fancy to Mae but gets off on the wrong foot with a slightly defensive Harry. Meanwhile, Harry’s head is turned by the presence of stunning stage sirens the Dolly sisters, Jenny and Rosie – who clearly have their sights set on Harry.

Mr. Selfridge returns for the 4th and final series at 10pET/9pCT beginning Sunday, March 27 on PBS. 


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