Finally off the island, Ben Miller now wants his ‘TV wife’ back

Several years removed from his two+ year stint on Death in Paradise, the greatness of Ben Miller returns to the small screen known as BBC One in a new romantic comedy series, I Want My Wife Back. Caroline Catz (Murder in Suburbia, Doc Martin, DCI Banks) plays Bex, his TV wife who walks out on their marriage on her 40th birthday….at her surprise birthday party, no less.

Ben Miller and Caroline Catz star in BBC Ones I Want My Wife Back

The series follows Murray’s attempts to find out why Bex has left him and how he can win her back. Fortunately or unfortunately, friends, family and colleagues are only too ready to offer well-meaning but counter-productive advice to Murray about what he should do. Each week sees him adopt a new strategy to achieve his goal.

After watching Miller continue to dig a hole for himself and then watch him painfully try to crawl his way out reminds me a bit of an earlier Miller vehicle, The Worst Week of My Life.

Look for I Want My Wife Back, starring Ben Miller and Caroline Catz, beginning Monday, 18 April at 9:30p on BBC One with, hopefully, a public television broadcast in the States not long after.

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