Talking ‘Detectorists’, ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Sherlock’; Bits and Bobs from across the pond

Detectorists 3

Andy and Lance are detectorists. While Andy and Lance’s friendship could be described as both pathetic and touching, their goal in life as ‘detectorists’ is to find much more than scraps of metal in the ground. They are looking for something to ignite and improve the drudgery of life, believing that any day, ‘this could be their moment’. Their dream is to unearth a Saxon ship burial, their reality is digging up ring pulls from old Fanta cans.


Unfortunately, for fans of Detectorists, the Bafta-winning metal detecting comedy series starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones, may have a bit of a wait for a third series. Crook, who also writes and directs the BBC4 series, has said he definitely wants to do more but is mulling over ideas and taking his time. Because the show needs to be filmed in the warmer months, the earliest that filming could start is now summer 2017 for a broadcast at the back end of next year.

Broadchurch 3

What will be filming this summer (in Dorset) is the third and final series of Broadchurch starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman as DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller. The detectives will, once again, team up to investigate a serious sexual assault, looking at the emotional cost to everyone involved along with the irreparable damage to friendships and relationships within the drama’s Dorset community.


Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker reprise their roles as Mark and Beth Latimer as will Arthur Darvill who returns to play local Vicar Paul Coates. Joining the cast for the final go round will be Julie Hesmondhalgh, Georgina Campbell, Sarah Parish, Charlie Higson and Mark Bazeley.

This is the final chapter of Broadchurch,” said Chris Chibnall who will take over as showrunner on Doctor Who in 2017. “We have one last story to tell, featuring both familiar faces and new characters. I hope it’s a compelling and emotional farewell to a world and show that means so much to me.

Sherlock 4

With filming of Doctor Strange comfortably in Benedict Cumberbatch’s rear view mirror, the world’s most famous consulting detective is back home where he belongs at 221b Baker Street as filming has begun on series 4. Fortunately, we have photographic confirmation from series co-creator/writer, Mark Gatiss, who took the first mysterious snap of Sherlock showing only the back of Cumberbatch’s head as he stared out of the window. In typical Gatiss fashion, his basic tweet saved 135 characters for someone else opting for just one simple 5 character word…Back!

Screenshot 4:12:16, 11:01 PM

Sherlock is tentatively set to return in January 2017 to BBC1 and PBS.



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