Intent on stopping Christmas, Benedict Cumberbatch heads to Whoville in 2017

From the Department of Is There Anything This Man Can’t Do comes word from CinemaCon in Las Vegas that Benedict Cumberbatch will doing his best next Christmas to stop the inhabitants of Whoville from celebrating Christmas. The Sherlock star has signed on to be the voice of the Grinch, the Christmas pilfering, anti-hero of the 1966 Chuck Jones directed Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s hard to fathom than anyone can equal Boris Karloff’s brilliant portrayal of the mean, green one, but if anyone can, it has to be Mr. Cumberbatch.


It will be interesting to see Cumberbatch’s take for the newest adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic as he will be able to draw upon his previous V/O experiences as both Smaug the Dragon in The Hobbit and Arctic Wolf Agent Classified in Penguins of Madagascar as he prepares for his latest venture as the bitter cave-dwelling green monster with a heart ‘two sizes too small’ who lives on snowy Mount Crumpit.

For those that think V/O work is easy and that the actor just comes into the studio and reads lines for a few minutes and leaves, take a look at what Benedict Cumberbatch went through for his Smaug the Dragon V/O and motion capture sequence.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas will be released 10 November 2017

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