The Tale of the Time Lord as classic and modern ‘Doctor Who’ unite

For some, the story of Doctor Who began in 2005 when Christopher Eccleston stepped out of the TARDIS. For many, however, the tale extends back through more than five decades of classic Doctors and episodes. For many more, the argument will forever exist as to whether or not Tom Baker or David Tennant or anyone in-between were the ‘best Doctors’.


Doctor Who: Long Story is the work of The Garo Studio, and unites modern ‘Who’ with classic ‘Who’ and tells a seamless tale of a Time Lord, a TARDIS, and all who have travelled through space and time in her. From William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi, wherever your allegiance lies, this brilliant fan vid is sure to bring that last 50+ years full circle and give each era an appreciation of what has been, what is current and what will be in the future for ‘The Doctor’.

In: Action/Drama