Does the wisdom of Monty Python hold the key to forthcoming Brexit vote?

On Thursday, 23 June, Britain will hold a referendum to vote on whether or not it should divorce itself from the European Union. As you can imagine, whatever side of the ‘will I stay or will I go now’ fence you fall on, this is a deeply emotional issue and one that will have a long-lasting effect on the future of Great Britain and the EU. Both sides will be happy to spell out the dire predictions of doom associated with staying or going. In the simplest of simple terms, much of the argument has been boiled down to whether or not you are pro-Britain or pro-Europe.


As you would expect with an emotional issue of this magnitude, the campaign line drawn in the sand has become somewhat of a party battle. The UK Independence Party (UKIP) is very much in favor of leaving the EU (or, “Go”) while Britain’s Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, is squarely on the side of “Remain” which is advocating staying a part of the Union.

Time will tell as to whether or not leaving the EU would free up from European rules and make Britain more prosperous or cause and economic and trading collapse, not to mention growth, immigration, jobs and diplomacy, but one can help but think that the “What Have the Romans Ever Done For Us” skit from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian may offer up a clue as to how back and forth discussions will continue until the 23 June vote.

On a more serious note, given the wide ramifications of Brexit, everyone should set aside time and give a daily read to the Financial Times’ Brexit coverageIf you are more of a visual person, here’s a couple of minutes that explains it all. Finally, no matter what side you’re on, the important thing is to exercise your right to vote on 23 June.

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