Have we seen the last of Clara Oswald? Maybe, maybe not.

A few brilliant bits of news came out of both the Dallas Comic-Con and Awesome Con in DC this month. First, in Dallas, fans learned firsthand from The Doctor, himself, that series 10 will be going back into production in two weeks. Two weeks! While we are still looking at an April 2017 premiere (following a Christmas 2016 special), let the internet speculation begin as to what’s in store not only for The Doctor and Missy but also the introduction of new companion, Pearl Mackie, or Bill.

Clara says goodbye to the Doctor...maybe

It was Awesome Con, however, in DC where news broke onstage that we might not have seen the last of Clara Oswald. You might remember the last time we saw Clara she was jetting off to parts unknown in the Whoniverse with fellow immortal Ashildr (Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams), having stolen a TARDIS and wiped herself from the Doctor’s mind as she bowed out of the series. IMHO, it was, perhaps, the best ‘saying goodbye to a companion’ in the history of Doctor Who even though it now it looks like we may not have seen the last of ‘the Impossible Girl’.

While Clara was erased from the Doctor’s mind, actress Jenna Coleman has kept the character’s story alive in her head, and knows exactly what Clara’s been up to since she left the Doctor behind. “I think that she is probably broken down,” she told the crowd at Awesome Con this past week. “Her and Ashildr haven’t yet worked out the mechanics of the TARDIS and are trying to get somewhere but can’t quite work it yet. It’s a complicated manual.” While Clara and Ashildr looked a bit uncomfortable at the controls, it did look like it was going to be a fun trip as they try to find Gallifrey.

Not to be denied the opportunity to fuel fan speculation, Peter Capaldi also let it slip that we might not have seen the last of companion Jenna Coleman on the series, whether that be in the Doctor’s memories or by her actually appearing on the show. “I’m not sure how successfully Clara was able to wipe his mind,” Capaldi told the crowd. “I just… I was about to tell you something I can’t tell you.” Then, with a little prodding, Capaldi revealed even more, saying “I just shot something that Clara was still there in,” to the surprise of the crowd.

Fasten your seat belts. Christmas 2016 and April 2017 will be here before you know it!

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