It’s official! Science is definitely cool with the ‘Doctor Who’/’Star Wars’ Periodic Table

If someone could have used Breaking Bad in high school to teach me chemistry, things may have turned out differently and I’d be a scientist as opposed to working in television today. Same holds true for a brilliantly cool periodic table from the folks over at Bodycote that focuses on the fictional metals and materials found in the worlds of TV, film, comics, mythology, literature and video games. This is nothing shore of geek-filled interactive greatness!

Periodic table

Of particular Doctor Who interest include this assessment of Dalekanium, cited a few times in Doctor Who as the material of choice for a certain race of cyborg aliens hell-bent the overall conquest of the universe through ‘extermination’ of inferior beings and Arnickelton, the shiny but extremely tough alloy used by the Cybermen in cyber-conversion. For the non-Doctor Who fan out there, there’s always the metals Adamantium and Quadanium which are used for the construction of Wolverine’s claws in X-Men and the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, respectively.

Da - Doctor Who periodic table element


What are Cybermen made of

See? Science is cool even though with this periodic table, we’re talking completely pointless periodic table without practical application in the real world. Still….


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