Make King Arthur and Concord proud…Turn your bike into a horse

A tip of the hat to the folks over at NPR for bringing to our intention what could very well be the greatest invention since someone actually determined it was safe to eat chocolate chip cookie dough.

Billed as ‘the leading bike-horse hybridizer in the world’, comes the ultimate Christmas gift for those that may be wondering what to get your favorite British TV and pop culture blog writer this holiday season. This bike gadget from Trotify is definitely the 21st century upgrade for the ‘putting playing cards in your bicycle spokes’ generation. It will definitely be See Bike, Think Horse” once you add Trotify to your collection of have to have’s.

Turn your bike into a horse...sort of

Sadly, when attempting to quickly acquire one (for research purposes, obviously), it appears I’m not the first to discover this bit of brilliance as you are immediately greeted on the Trotify homepage with a very deflating message that ‘we will be selling Trotify again soon’.

Taking a page out of, perhaps, the greatest movie of all time, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the bike gadget is said to come packed flat, so anxious users can just pop out the wooden parts and assemble it themselves. The wooden gadget attaches to the front of bike just like a reflector and claps together a coconut so it sounds like a trotting horse.

Trotify is the invention of Original Content London, a creative studio that likes its oddball projects. How dare they call this an oddball? This is genius. Since Trotify isn’t currently available, maybe you might be interested in other Original Content London creations such as a service to send encoded messages through flower bouquets or a warped pool table that provides a “home turf” advantage.

While Trotify is accurately billed as the leading bike-horse hybridizer in the world, I am curious as to whether or not there is another one. Regardless, if should you feel the ‘need for steed‘ in the future, sign up on the Trotify site so you can be the first and/or next on your block to add a little horsepower to your bike. And don’t forget Tellyspotting when it comes time to make out that special holiday gift giving list….

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