Best crime-fighting car…Ford Cortina or Audi Quattro? You decide.

I was reminded recently about the greatness of the series Life on Mars starring Philip Glenister as DCI Gene Hunt and John Simm as DI Sam Tyler. Primarily set in the 70s, the series centered around Tyler, a policeman in service with the Greater Manchester Police who, after being hit by a car in 2006,  finds himself locked in the world of 1973 working for the predecessor of the GMP, the Manchester and Salford Police, at the same station and location as he did in 2006.

Life on Mars ran for just two seasons and then morphed into the 80s sequel, Ashes to Ashesstarring Keeley Hawes as Alex Drake who, sadly, steps in front of a bullet much like Sam Tyler met a speeding car taking her back to 1981 and the world of DCI Gene Hunt. While LOM alumni, DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), DS Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) and DC Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster) made the transition to the 80s sequel, Hunt’s Ford Cortina wasn’t quite as lucky giving way to an Audi Quattro for Ashes to Ashes.

It would be futile to argue against the greatness of DCI Gene Hunt but the real stars of both series were the cars in which Hunt occupied the driver’s seat. That said, the real question of the day which has probably been debated endlessly is not which is the better series but rather which is the better police chase car, the Life on Mars Ford Cortina or the Ashes to Ashes Audi Quattro. Time to bring up the debate once again. So, it’s up to you. Thoughts?

Ford Cortina – Life on Mars (1973)

Life on Mars Ford Cortina

Audi Quattro – Ashes to Ashes (1981)

Ashes to Ashes Audi Quattro

One bit of trivia for Life on Mars fans out there while you decide how to vote. Sam Tyler was named by series co-creator, Matthew Graham’s daughter after Billie Piper’s companion character on Doctor Who, Rose Tyler. Armed with that bit of knowledge, you are sure to be a big hit at any the next pub gathering…

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