Chef Ian McKellen prepares ‘the best scrambled eggs in the world’!

At 77, Sir Ian McKellen is pure greatness. Much like Bill Nighy, I would pay to listen to Sir Ian read the phone book should he embark on a tour of such simplicity. Now, the star of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (Gandalf), X-Men (Magneto), Vicious on PBS and recipient of more accolades than the law allows, showcases his culinary talents and mastery of social media by hopping aboard Facebook Live to teach the masses how to make scrambled eggs on toast at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. What makes this extra cool is that, aside from this showcasing yet another aspect of the brilliance of Sir Ian, I have actually stayed at this hotel in Hollywood several times so I can easily visualize Chef McKellen at work in his bungalow kitchen.

Sir Ian McKellen and the best scrambled eggs in the world

After a brief intro in which he mentions that these should be considered ‘the best scrambled eggs in the world,’ he calmly throws three eggs, some half-and-half, butter, salt, and pepper into a saucepan and makes magic happen. “You’re lucky because these are the best scrambled eggs in the world, and like all good recipes, it’s a family one,” Chef McKellen says. “It comes from my stepmother, Gladys.

Let’s hope there is room in Sir Ian’s schedule for a cooking series on PBS in the not-too-distant future. That, or a guest shot on British actors reading the phone book would be ok with me.




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