Indian Summers — where we’ve been and where we’re going this September on PBS

As with most of our favorite British dramas, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remember how the previous series ended when, in most cases, they would have called it a day over a year before the next series begins. Season 2 of Indian Summers is no exception as season 1 ended right at a year ago on PBS in November 2015. With season 2 just around the corner on PBS Masterpiece, it might be best to take a step back and get a sense as to where we left off before series 2 begins on Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 10pET/9pCT.

Thanks to the good folks over at Masterpiece my work here is done.


Ralph Whelan: Ralph’s ever-loyal servant Bhupinder murdered Jaya to keep Ralph’s youthful love affair with her (and their lovechild, Adam) secret. But…
Secret: Aafrin, consoling the suicidal Bhupinder, learned that he was Jaya’s murderer.
Shocker: Aafrin tried to get Ralph to commute the innocent Ramu Sood’s sentence, but Ralph plumb went ahead and executed the man anyway!


Cynthia Coffin: Forced to integrate her club (or actually, to just accept one token member), the bitter Cynthia Coffin has lost not just her grip on the Empire, but her grip on Ralph…
Secret: She revealed to Ralph that she’d kept the longsuffering Jaya’s pregnancy secret from Ralph and engineered Jaya’s disappearance from his life, essentially dooming her.
Shocker: Ralph forgave Cynthia.


Aafrin Dalal: Ralph’s hanging of the innocent Ramu Sood for a murder committed by his own servant, basically on his own behalf, was the absolutely last straw for Aafrin, who has had a change of heart toward the Raj…
Secret: The sinister Sergeant Singh was blackmailing Aafrin over the incriminating forged document Aafrin stole and hid, forcing Aafrin to do the work of the independence movement. Now that Ralph has shown his true character, Aafrin tells Singh he’s all in.
Shocker: Aafrin found a letter incriminating Ralph, but didn’t turn it over to Singh. He’s a double? triple? rogue? agent!


Alice Whelan: Alice arrived in Simla as a “widow,” but she was really on the run from her awful husband. Ralph knows the truth but wants only to protect his sister; Cynthia knows the truth, but she knows pretty much everything anyway; Sarah knows the truth and, like a Downton Abbey Season 1 Edith, blackmails the object of her jealousy. And Aafrin…
Secret: Simla’s most popular Romeo and Juliet have progressed from yearning glances and stolen kisses to a full-on, flower petal strewn love tryst.
Shocker: Cynthia doesn’t know!


Sarah Raworth: Sarah knows that her missionary husband, Dougie, and the mission orphanage’s beautiful teacher Leena, are in love. Feeling rejected by society and her husband, Sarah puts Dougie on a short leash and appeals to his sense of morality and duty.
Secret: Sarah’s blackmail of Alice works, as Ralph keeps his sister safe from exposure by securing a place for Sarah and Dougie’s son, Matthew, at a posh boarding school back in England. Sarah’s desire to return home is fulfilled as she goes with him.
Shocker: She allows Dougie to stay behind.

Now that you’re all caught up, here’s a quick look ahead to season 2…

Indian Summers returns to Masterpiece beginning Sunday, Sept 11 at 10pET/9pCT on PBS

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