Skip the Oscars and binge-watch ‘Victoria’ today/tonight on PBS!

Traditional audiences for the Academy Awards usually fall into two categories. One, you spend the evening lamenting over the fact you haven’t see all the movies even though ‘this year was going to be different’ and you find yourself not knowing why the winner in a certain category was a complete surprise or, two, you’ve seen all the movies, are not surprised when the winners are announced and you’ve secretly just tuned into see what everyone is wearing on the red carpet.

I always enjoyed Oscar time but for probably a different reason than most. Until this year, I always found myself in the U.K. attending the annual BBC Showcase which made it to where the 6a BBC Breakfast broadcast was filled with the 12mid post-Academy Award winners and losers comments as they all made their way to the after parties. You could avoid most of the evenings ‘surprises’ and get right to the unfiltered questions and comments from those in the industry. Not this year as the BBC meeting took place one week earlier than in years past. What to do, what to do…

PBS has the answer this year and I’m betting whichever camp you find yourself in, you’re going to like it. Whether you are in the many that are up-to-speed with Victoria, the 2017 series that has made the fact that Downton Abbey has ended more than tolerable, or you are in the camp of just now hearing about it and concerned that Sunday, March 5 is the series one finale and you haven’t seen all the episodes as of yet, not to worry!

Beginning today at 4pET/3pCT and running straight through until 11pET/10pCT, PBS (including KERA TV) will be running the entire first series to alleviate your Academy Award habit. All six episodes, which began on PBS Sunday, January 15, will air back-to-back today leading up to the Sunday, March 5 finale which will air on PBS’ Masterpiece series at 9pET/8pCT.

The Victoria binge-watch marathon begins today on PBS at 4pET/3pCT with the series 1 finale, Sunday, March 5 at 9pET/8pCT on PBS’ Masterpiece!

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