Doctor Who S10 trailer speak volumes in :30 seconds

Having just recently left Liverpool and the 2017 BBC Showcase, it seems rather appropriate that we begin talking all things Doctor Who given what sat outside my screening cubicle for 5 days.

I have to say while it was a combination of equal parts extreme greatness and semi-creepiness all at the same time, it did really make me realize that Saturday, 15 April can’t get here soon enough. No, not because it’s Tax Day, but it’s the premiere of Doctor Who S10 on BBC1.

Even though the newest trailer just released is a mere :30 seconds, in typical Steven Moffat fashion, it tells so much. First and foremost, there’s definitely the suggestion of a major foe waiting in the wings for the Traveling Time Lord and his companions, Pearl Mackie’s Bill and Matt Lucas’ Nardole. But, is this a new foe or a familiar one? At first glance, they seem to resemble the Silurians but, according to those much closer to the series than I, it seems more likely that these are the long-rumoured new version of classic foes, the Ice Warriors.

I’m bringing back the Ice Warriors again, one of my favourite monsters,” series writer Mark Gatiss said. “It’s a thrill a minute. A sort of Bank Holiday Monday feel, the kind of Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs story of derring-do, which I’ve always lovedBut it has a new twist. There is a new Ice Warrior in it, a new kind of Ice Warrior.

Doctor Who S10 returns Saturday, 15 April to BBC1 and BBC America.


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