Eric Idle and Brian Cox to explain ‘The Entire Universe’ this Christmas on PBS

So, who’s up for a bit o’ science, Monty Python-style this Christmas? If you are, then The Entire Universe will be the perfect PBS Christmas gift to unwrap this holiday season. International Man of Science, Brian Cox, and the comedic greatness of Eric Idle will join forces in what will appear to be a scientific lecture going weird. Really weird as in Cox’s lecture turns into a major musical put on by the Muriel Tritt School of Music and Dance, choreographed by Arlene Phillips.

According to press reports, Cox will begin the program with his customary festive Christmas science class lecture at the Rutland Weekend Television studios. From there, it definitely turns into a Pythonesque, “And Now for Something Completely Different” moment as we’ll see Cox try his best to mentor Idle in an attempt to fill his considerable science deficiency with ‘Spamalot-style’ songs. Warwick Davis and Noel Fielding will join Cox and Idle in the quest to ‘try and depict the birth of the entire universe. Davis, will play ‘The Big Bang’, with Fielding taking on Einstein, Game of Thrones actor Hannah Waddingham tackles time and Robin Ince tries to keep order with heavy emphasis on ‘tries’.

Idle, who always looks on the bright side of life, is understandably excited about the possibility of tackling ‘the entire universe’. “I am very pleased that Rutland Weekend Television is back on the air on the BBC with a Christmas special only 41 years after its last one. The world’s smallest TV station takes on the world’s largest subject, the entire Universe,” said the former Python.

Cox, however, expressed a bit more realistic concern about the potential end to his career saying, “I’ve made many television documentaries over the years and a constant complaint has been that the music is too loud and obscures the music. This, definitely, undermines my credibility as a serious scientist. I expect ‘The Entire Universe’ to the the final nail in the coffin.” 

The Entire Universe is coming to PBS on Friday, December 22, 2017.

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