Lethal Bizzle teaches Dame Judi Dench how to rap … no, really!

As if we didn’t know this already, I am now thoroughly convinced that there is nothing Dame Judi Dench cannot do or won’t try. The 82-year-old actress whose unforgettable performances on screen, stage and television over the decades have made her a national treasure can now add rapping to her CV after a brief rapping tutorial from English actor and rapper, Lethal Bizzle, learning about his gritty accounts of the highs and lows of urban life.

Bizzle came on the scene in the early 2000s in the grime MC genre as part of More Fire Crew, the East London-based English grime crew who were one of the first crews in the grime scene. By the time Bizzle emerged as a star, Dame Judi had already logged almost five decades in the business on stage, screen and television. She had played two Queens, won Oscars, Tony’s and BAFTA’s, and established herself as the preeminent ‘M’ in the James Bond franchise.

The pair got together in the studio for the online entertainment magazine LADbible, after Dame Judi had expressed her pleasure that the slang word Bizzle had coined for ‘nice’ or ‘brilliant’ was by coincidence the same as her surname. The singer has even used the term Dench for his successful clothes brand, Stay Dench. Bizzle says he came up with the word in 2010 while playing a videogame with his cousin, the former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what Dame Judi masters next. In the meantime … Stay Dench!

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