Benedict Cumberbatch is ‘Patrick Melrose’

Later in 2018, Benedict Cumberbatch will return to the small screen as a narcissistic, schizoid, suicidal alcoholic and, no, it’s not a new episode of Sherlock! Cumberbatch will executive produce and take the lead as Patrick Melrose in the upcoming adaptation of Edward St Aubyn’s classic series of semi-autobiographical Melrose novels, which include the Man Booker Prize-winning “Mother’s Milk”.

Each episode of the five-part series will be based on a different book and will take place over a few intense days in Melrose’s life, from the South of France in the 60s via 80s New York to early-2000s Britain.

The product of a rather ‘interesting’ childhood, Melrose (Cumberbatch) spent his early life with a father with an odd approach to parenting and a mother than had no approach to parenting by just checking out entirely. Radio Times’ perfect description of Melrose as being someone who has more baggage than Heathrow Airport will be showcased later in 2018 in a 5-part Sky Atlantic series which will air on Showtime in the U.S.

Adapted by David Nicholls, Patrick Melrose will also star Jennifer Jason-Leigh and Hugo Weaving as Melrose’s parents and Anna Madeley as his wife with each episode devoted to one of St Aubyn’s novels covering Melrose’s life from a traumatic childhood to outrageous playboy (with plenty of adult substance abuse along the way) and, ultimately, recovery.

Patrick Melrose airs in 2018.

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