BBC/PBS is your invitation to the Royal Wedding on May 19! Get ready beginning May 14 with 5-night ‘Royal Wedding Watch’!

Attention, Anglophiles! The ‘wedding of the year’ is nearly upon us! Before you blindly mark your calendars for just Saturday, 19 May, the BBC and PBS are primed and ready to get you geared up for this global event with Royal Wedding Watcha 5-part nightly series beginning May 14 at 10pET/9pCT. Coverage will then culminate in the live broadcast of the wedding of Prince Harry and American actress, Rachel Meghan Markle, on Saturday, 19 May, beginning at approximately 4:30aET/3:30aCT on PBS.

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During the week leading up to the actual ceremony, which will occur in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor, hosts Meredith Viera and British television presenter Matt Baker will be joined in-studio by experts, commentators and special guests. BBC presenter and host Anita Rani will report live from Windsor each night, and English historian Lucy Worsley, Joint Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, will delve into the pageantry, pomp and protocol surrounding Harry and Meghan’s nuptials. The five episodes of Royal Wedding Watch will be the perfect build-up as the world gets ready for the big day.

  • A Wedding is Announced” – Monday, May 14, 10pET/9pCT
  • “What to Wear” – Tuesday, May 15, 10pET/9pCT
  • “The Ceremony” – Wednesday, May 16, 10pET/9pCT
  • “How to Celebrate” – Thursday, May 17, 10pET/9pCT
  • “Happily Ever After” – Friday, May 18, 10:30pET/9:30pCT

Produced by BBC Studios’ Topical and Live Unit, Royal Wedding Watch will also showcase Britain’s rich royal heritage and illuminate how history and tradition will influence the union of this modern couple. It’s clearly evident that it’s not only those that will be have a front row seat watching on PBS that are excited about the forthcoming event.

Lisa Ausden, Creative Director, BBC Studios’ Topical and Live Unit, added: “BBC Studios is thrilled to be working with PBS in this unique collaboration, giving U.S. viewers a front row seat in the build-up to the big day. We’ll capture all the excitement as Windsor becomes the focus of the world, and we’ll have unrivaled expertise in our central London studio to discuss the history and tradition of royal weddings, plus, of course, the romance which brought the Prince and his American bride together.

Americans find the British royals incredibly fascinating, and Royal Wedding Watch is the ultimate backgrounder leading up to this historic moment when our American beauty marries her prince,” Meredith Vieira said.

From cakes to choristers, banquets to bouquets, gowns to crowns, viewers will get a fun and informative insider’s briefing on royal etiquette, an unprecedented look at the elaborate planning, secrecy and care that goes into this royal wedding that has captured the imagination of people around the world,” said Shawn Halford, PBS’ Senior Director, Programming.

Royal Wedding Watch begins Monday, May 14 at 10pET/9pCT on PBS. Then, get ready for Royal Wedding Live on Saturday, May 19 beginning at 4:30aET/3:30aCT on PBS.

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