Question of the Day – How many Doctors does it take to change a light bulb?

Over the years, fans of Doctor Who have repeatedly asked for a multi-Doctor storyline. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what was floated out there last year by Georgia Tennant  — wife of Doctor #10, David Tennant, and daughter of Doctor #5, Peter Davison — is what they had in mind:

The two Doctors were caught in the midst of a simple DIY project that brought to mind the question, “How many Doctors does it take to change a light bulb”?

While there was no definitive answer (no, the answer isn’t “…none, because they’d just pop into the Tardis to a time when it worked”) and it’s highly improbable that this will ever see the light of day, a few fans came up with some brilliant replies to her tweet.

  • “Two. One to hold it in place, the other to use the Tardis to spin the Earth around enough times to screw it in by itself” — @mccaffep
  • “Three. One to change it, and two to argue about how much better the old one was and predict how soon the new one will burn out” — @DrWhoScholar
  •  “13, 1 changes it and 12 stand around, bickering over how changing a light bulb is not necessary and why would they redecorate anyway, they don’t like that!?” — @DoctorMastah
See what happens when the new season of Doctor Who is still at least a year off in 2020? You’re left with trying to make something big out of something simple like this in order to make the separation anxiety a bit easier.

At Tellyspotting, we welcome any and all possible answers from Doctor Who-Nation.

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