Smeg! The AA executes a ‘Stellar Rescue’ of Red Dwarf’s Starbug on desolate alien planet!

Photo: Adam & Eve/DDB

Lister, Cat, Rimmer and Kryten, the stars of Red Dwarf and inhabitants of the show’s iconic spaceship, Starbug, have reunited for an advert which premiered recently on ITV. “Stellar Rescue”, the mini-adventure for car recovery service, the AA,  has been shot like an episode of the British sci-fi/comedy show and will totally get fans in the mood for a new series which has been rumored to be in the works for some time.

Set in space, the show’s iconic spaceship Starbug breaks down on a desolate alien world. Instead of Kryten or Rimmer coming to the rescue, the crew is forced to call in the services of the AA to get back off the ground. Tech-savvy Dave Lister springs into action using the AA app to report the breakdown from space. Moments later, a member of their team arrives in a decked out yellow space van to sort the problem.

Created by Adam & Eve/DDB in the UK, the advert is intended to show that no matter where you break down or what vehicle you’re driving, the AA can help you get back on the road – or back into space

Written by Jon Farley and Alex Lucas, in collaboration with Red Dwarf creators Doug Naylor and Rob Grant, “Stellar Rescue” was directed by Declan Lowney through Another Film Company.

Now that the Red Dwarf band has gotten back together, let’s collectively hold out hope for some news soon on a possible RDXIII and RDXIV!

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