Our day in Port Isaac, the home of ‘Doc Martin’; followed by Agatha Christie’s Greenway Estate.

Doc Martin’s house/surgery, aka Fern Cottage. Photo: Bill Young

Saying goodbye to Cricket St. Thomas, the home of To the Manor Born, the KERA Tour of England continued further west this past week with a tour of Port Isaac and the Cornwall coast followed by a walk-through of the Greenway Estate, the holiday home of Agatha Christie and the setting for the final Hercule Poirot novel, “Dead Man’s Folly”.

Our day began in picturesque Port Isaac, which doubles as the fictional Cornish seaside fishing village of Portwenn, the home to Doc Martin. Arriving in Port Isaac, we were immediately swept up in Doc Martin madness and assigned a guide for a lengthy walking tour of the city, courtesy of Transcendent Travel. Our guide happened to have been an extra in several episodes of the ITV comedy drama which gave it an awesome behind-the-scenes touch to the tour.

Port Isaac, aka Portwenn. Photo: Bill Young

Over the course of the next few hours, we were treated to the sights and sounds of Port Isaac including a number of very familiar ‘Portwenn’ landmarks including Mrs. Tishell’s Chemist and Bert Large’s restaurant.

Portwenn Chemist

Portwenn Chemist. Photo: Bill Young

Bert Large’s Restaurant (just below the Doc’s surgery)

Bert Large’s restaurant. Photo: Bill Young

After a brief lunch break at The Old School House Hotel & Restaurant, which just happened to have doubled as the location of the Portwenn School where headmistress, Louisa Ellingham, spent her days, we headed to the Greenway Estate, the holiday home of Agatha Christie.

As Jim, once again, masterfully navigated the motor coach up the winding roads towards the holiday home, we quickly understood why this became the ideal recharging station for the noted mystery writer. A tour of the Greenway Estate followed including a trip down to the River Dart and the famous boat house.

The Greenway Estate. Photo: Bill Young

Who recognizes the boat house on the River Dart?

Agatha Christie’s boat house on the River Dart. Photo: Bill Young

And, who can tell me what’s behind the boat house door? Hint: think “Dead Man’s Folly”.

Agatha Christie’s chair in the Boat House. Photo: Bill Young

Up next, our evening at the amazing DeVere Tortworth Court Hotel where you will get a chance to meet the lady of the manor, Lady Grey, and included an awesome falconry demonstration. After that, it’s Hampton Court Palace and then back to central London. Cheers!

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