From the mind palaces of ‘Sherlock’ creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, comes ‘Dracula’

Dracula – Copyright. Hartswood Films

Based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel of the same name, the mind palaces of Sherlock co-creators, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have teamed up with Hartswood Films for Dracula, the 3-part BBC/Netflix series that digs deep into the undead life of the vampire that single-handedly made evil sexy.

In addition to it being a bit of a Sherlock reunion of sorts with Moffat, Gatiss and Hartswood on board, Paul McGuigan (also of Sherlock fame) will direct the 3-part, 90-minute per episode series and Jonathan Aris, who played Philip Anderson in Sherlock.

It’s 1897 Transylvania and Dracula (Claes Bang) has set his sights on Victorian London.

Dracula (CLAES BANG) – (C) Hartswood Films – Photographer: Colin Hutton

While the first teaser trailer has dropped just in time for Halloween (imagine that), the release date on BBC and Netflix has not yet been confirmed. Considering that Dracula will be one of the most anticipated titles to come our way in the not-too-distant future, much of the Internets is placing their bets on a Christmas holiday transmission on BBC1 which, if history repeats itself, would mean a Netflix premiere sometime close to the very beginning of 2020.

Dracula could take a bite out of your December holiday viewing this Christmas on BBC1.

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