Highlighting your favorite British TV couples this Valentines Day

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Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like the greatness that, we call, British telly. There are a number of your favorite British TV couples that have made sparks fly on the small screen in recent years. Whether we actually admit it or not, TV couples pretty much keep us coming back week to week for our favorite shows. Since Hallmark tells us it’s a day for couples, what better way to celebrate than to take a look back at those couples that have been a part of our collective telly families for the last several years.

Ross & Demelzia – Poldark

Captain Ross Poldark returns home after American Revolutionary War and rebuilds his life with a new business venture, making new enemies and finding a new love where he least expects it. He rescues a young woman, Demelza, from a beating, and takes her on as a kitchen maid and attempts getting control of the mines sought after by a rival, the greedy and arrogant George Warleggan. The rest, as they say, is history.

Captain Ross Poldark and Demelza

Photo: BBC

Freddie & Stuart – Vicious

Aging partners Freddie and Stuart, two men who have lived together in their Covent Garden flat for 48 years. Freddie was a budding actor and Stuart worked in a bar when they first met, but their careers are pretty much over and their lives now consist of entertaining their frequent guests, making sure that their aged dog Balthazar is still breathing, and hurling caustic insults at each other.

Freddie and Stuart in Vicious

Photo: ITV

Dawn & Tim – The Office

Unassuming Tim Canterbury (Martin Freeman), whose relationship with bored receptionist Dawn Tinsley (Lucy Davis), is a major arc in the series right under David Brent’s nose. Their flirtation soon builds to a mutual romantic attraction, despite her engagement to the dour and laddish warehouse worker, Lee (Joel Beckett).

Dawn and Time from The Office

Photo: BBC

Matthew & Lady Mary – Downton Abbey

Distant male cousin, Matthew Crawley, a middle-class solicitor, becomes the new heir to Downton Abbey following the sinking of the Titanic. Reluctant to embrace an aristocratic lifestyle, Matthew Matthew eventually falls in love with Lady Mary and, once again, following the birth of their son.

Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary in Downton Abbey

Photo: ITV

Miranda & Gary – Miranda

Gary gets a job as chef in the restaurant after coming back from his travels, which happened to be situated next door to Miranda’s joke shop. Being old friends, they immediately meet up and catch up and begin their will they or won’t they relationship.

Miranda and Gary

Photo: BBC

Celia & Alan – Last Tango in Halifax

Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid star as widowed septuagenarians, Alan and Celia, childhood sweethearts who have been apart for 60 years. Reunited via Facebook, they meet, fall in love, and plan to marry.

Celia and Alan in Last Tango in Halifax

Photo: BBC

Sherlock & Irene Adler – Sherlock

One of the most notable female characters in the Sherlock Holmes series, despite appearing in only one story, Irene Adler is frequently used as a romantic interest for Holmes in derivative works. To Sherlock Holmes she is and always will be, the woman.

Sherlock and Irene Adler

Photo: BBC

Any others?

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