The Late Late Show’s James Corden presents ‘Doctor Who’ Smackdown, Round 1

Photo: CBS

Current Doctor #13, Jodie Whittaker, and former Doctor #10, David Tennant, first crossed paths in the Chris Chibnall 2013 crime drama, Broadchurch. While they will forever share ownership of the keys to the TARDIS, the two recently renewed their connection when The Late Late Show‘s James Corden dialed in with a video call featuring the former Doctors from Doctor Who.

After talking about life in quarantine, Corden asks them about their experience playing the Doctor and what the show means to them. In a light-hearted but awesome exchange of witty banter, both Whittaker and Tennant teased each other about being the better Doctor.

Corden, who briefly appeared in the series back in 2011 with Matt Smith as The Doctor, asked Whittaker to describe the long-running show for fans who were only discovering the show through its new American home of HBO Max. Without missing a beat, Whittaker lobbed the first grenade by saying,  You’re going to get, on HBO Max, seasons 1 to 11. Start with season 11.”

Tennant, who seems to be getting used to the concept of lockdown video filming after his recent series, Staged, with Good Omens co-star Michael Sheen, fired back with, “I’d go with (season) 2,” plugging his debut run. “Around season 2 is where it really comes alive, I’d say.

Unfortunately, it may be a bit before we see Whittaker behind the wheel of the TARDIS as series 13, which was meant to start filming later this year, the BBC has said that the production is just too big and complex to be made under social distancing guidelines.

Thankfully, the Christmas special is in the can and will air on BBC1 and BBC America in December.

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