‘Grantchester’ set to return for S6 in 2021!

Photo: PBS/ITV

As we collectively close the book on the 5th series of Grantchester, of which the finale aired this past Sunday as part of PBS’ Masterpiece series, word out of the UK is that the 1950s drama has been commissioned for a 6th series.

When told the show was returning, Robson Green, who plays Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, was clearly excited saying, “I can eat, again. It’s a miracle.”  Told to keep September to January free he sounded cautiously optimistic adding, “I think it’s going be strange, I just hope the scripts aren’t dictated too much by something beyond our control but I’m sure they will be.

Tom Brittney, who took over the lead from James Norton in series 4, said that he was keen to get back to his “happy place”, added, “It’s looking good, Grantchester could be one of the first things filming,” he said. “You can’t write COVID into the 1950s.

While, for obvious reasons, not much is known about story lines for the forthcoming 6th series, we do know one thing!

Robson Green did tease that the mystery of DI Geordie Keating’s hat will be revealed in season six. “In every series, part of costume is his hat, I’ve only worn it twice but I carry it round with me. You find out in the next season, why I carry the hat. It’s not just about the hat, maybe there’s something under his hat that may be revealed,” he said.

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