There may be no garden gnome or herds of wildebeests, but at least Fawlty Towers Lego set has a rat, a moosehead and a tree branch!

While it’s not near a good as the possibility of discovering a missing 13th episode of the greatest comedy of all time, Fawlty Towers, Lego Ideas member Lachie has designed a new set of bricks that British comedy fans will definitely recognize. Lachie recently explained his simple reasoning for creating the set to the British Comedy Guide: “I thought it might give people something to smile about, during these hard times.”

“This project of mine is just over 2,000 Lego pieces. I have created the hotels facade, and on the backside is a fully decked interior, with all the key main rooms featured in the TV series, including the hotel reception/foyer, staircase, kitchen, dining room, bar, Manuel’s room and Mrs Richard’s room.” No word yet as to whether or not anyone has found Mrs. Richards’ hearing aid in the Lego carpet or if poor Mr. O’Reilly survived the umbrella attack.

Each of the rooms contain references to many of the different episodes of the series, including the Moose head in the foyer, the Major looking at the rat in the bar, the rat cage in Manuel’s room, the vase in Mrs Richard’s room and the changeable sign out the front which I have included a few combinations for,” said Lache.

I have included many of the main characters in the TV series too. I also made the scene where Basil Fawlty hits his car, as that is such a loved scene from the series.

So far my project has received lots of support and appreciation by many Fawlty Towers fan across many platforms, as well as Lego fans.”

This project can actually become a real Lego set if it gets 10,000 supporters via the Lego Ideas website.

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